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Your satisfaction is important but due to the nature of these products, We do not accept returns. 
Please contact us within 24 hrs to make corrections or adjustments.
Items are packaged for protection in shipping.We ship USPS 1st Class, Flat Rate, Priority Mail (Domestic/International), with tracking.
Please double-check all address information. If you require shipping to another address, as in the case of a gift, add the alternate address in ship to section. 

I cannot be responsible for items that are marked "delivered" but are lost, wrong or incomplete mailing addresses, or items damaged during delivery. If this should occur, please contact me and I will try to rectify the situation.



Please contact prior to purchasing for the most accurate shipping cost to your location. The buyer is responsible for all customs fees, duties, and import charges that may be levied at the time of delivery. 


These products are for Bath & Beauty.
Although most of my products can be considered edible, they are intended for external use only! 
They may smell yummy, but please do not ingest.  
My products can also be considered hypoallergenic as they are made with natural ingredients.
This simply means it is less likely to irritate and cause allergy in the average person.
Please take your individual allergies into account and use at your own discretion. 
If ingestion, allergy, or irritation occurs please discontinue and contact a physician.

*Information about ingredients and essential botanical oils are taken from common published references and is not intended to cure or replace medical consultation. I do not claim to be an herbal doctor*.
While I believe in being self-informed about the benefits of natural products, please consult the advice of your doctor before taking anything internally.
*While my products are safe to use on children and pets, please use caution with small children and pets near oil based products. Oil can easily be swallowed or inhaled. 

*Bath Oils & Scrubs will cause shower or tub to be slippery. Please use caution with yourself and others when standing or walking on surfaces that may have come in contact with oils. 

*Please be aware that some items can melt during warm months. They will firm back up in normal indoor temperatures. 
*Items should be used within 2-4 months after purchase. Store them in a cool, dark place or refrigerator to preserve freshness. 

*Note that our products may have actual herbs and plant parts in them. 
Please don’t be alarmed if they come out during use! ☺