Specialty Pies by Paige B - Almond Chocolate Cake - Edible Goodness - Sweet desserts - Holiday Foods

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Bringing in another layer of self-care goodness for you!
We now offer Specialty Pies by Paige B!
A delicious treat to give your taste buds ALL the feels.

Hand & Heart Crafted <3


Do you love chocolate cake but hate the way it doesn’t seem to love you in return?

Are you attempting to make do and live your life flour free?

Don’t despair! Let me bake you an Almond Chocolate Cake!

My Almond Chocolate Cake contains no wheat flour at all, only almond flour, a bit of sugar, vanilla, egg, and the most important ingredient — chocolate.


  • Full size 12 inch cake $45
  • 6 mini set $35



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